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No payment is due until your carpet is cleaned
(*Prices reflect customer removal of all small items like end tables, coffee tables, lamps etc. We will move larger items like couches and recliners)

Product NameQuantityXUnit Price=Totals
Living Room X$55.00=
Family Room X$55.00=
Living Room / Attached Hall X$64.00=
Family Room / Attached Hall X$64.00=
Living Room / Dining Room / Attached Hall X$84.00=
Bedrooms (Empty or traffic areas only) X$30.00=
Steps X$2.00=

Empty Apartments

(*Prices reflect apartment that is completely empty and vacumed*)

Product NameQuantityXUnit Price=Totals
Studio/Efficiency Apartment X$65.00=
Studio/Efficiency Apartment (3rd Floor) X$75.00=
One Bedroom Apartment X$79.00=
One Bedroom Apartment (3rd Floor) X$89.00=
Two Bedroom Apartment X$94.00=
Two Bedroom Apartment (3rd Floor) X$104.00=
Three Bedroom Apartment X$119.00=
Three Bedroom Apartment (3rd Floor) X$129.00=

North Dakota Residents Total
Minnesota Sales Tax (6.875%)
Minnesota Resident Total:

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